Pininfarina Segno

The Leonardo Da Vinci Cut Pen

A unique product to celebrate the life of a Genius during the 500th anniversary (2019) since his death.
Pininfarina Segno, the prestigious and glamourous company that produces and designs everything from cars to stationary, celebrated Leonardo’s 500th anniversary by creating an exclusive line known as the Leonardo 500th collection. Designed by a selection of top artians’ across Italy, each were given the opportunity to create a practical usable stylish item in his honour.
On the 14th June at the Rizzoli Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, the Leonardo 500th collection product lines were exhibited in the perfect setting, amongst books, intellects and historians, at a private event with the top journalists and Leonardo intellects from around the world.
Followed by an interesting speech given by Alessandro Vezzosi, an expert on Leonardo da Vinci and the Director of the Ideal Museum Leonardo Da Vinci. Amongst other guests such as Daniele Macuglia, a university professor at Chicago University, and Renaissance and Leonardo scholar.
"Leonardo da Vinci is a master and source of inspiration for Pininfarina Segno, which has always recognized a fundamental role in the invention of Ethergraf, the true heir of the" Leonardo da Vinci", says Davide Fabi, CEO of Signature, the company responsible for the Pininfarina project Sign, "the Leonardo 500th collection is another opportunity to pay tribute to the genius of the Renaissance".
Among the exhibited creations, was the now famous Codex, a cylinder designed to retract the tracks of the "Cryptex" inspired by the best selling novel ‘Da Vinci Cut’ by Dan Brown. As well as a special interpretation of Pininfarina Cambiano, such as Silver Luxury Edition, a stylus made from 925 silver - by Additive Manufacturing and the prestigious Pininfarina Cambiano Limited Edition - a pen embellished with two Leonardo Da Vinci Cut diamonds.
The diamond cut based on Leonardo’s drawings of the "De Divina Proportione". A mathematical formula observed in nature, cut into a stone using the basic 57 facets, but resulting in exceptional brightness and beauty, offering a perfection that no other cut can offer.
During the event it was also possible to view the diamond cut with the Leonardo da Vinci Cut technique. Patented and recognized by the main gemological institutes internationally, owned by Amin Luxury, a Florentine diamond company.
The influence of Leonardo da Vinci also resulted in the creation of a Filum, a stylus inspired by the "vinciano knots". The first in the world to be made entirely in Titanium through "Direct Metal Laser Sintering", a true masterpiece of engineering.
As Paolo Pininfarina, President of the Group states, "when design meets innovation, extraordinary projects are born. With the Leonardo500th collection we have paid tribute to the greatest universally recognized Italian talent, giving shape to a new chapter in this exceptional story.”